Hi EC users :D
Hope you are doing well :)

So today I am here because I want you all to know that I AM LEAVING (taking off from EC) for few months :)
I will be in touch with everyone but I wont give a lot of time to blogs and discussions as my preparation for marks improvement papers is going to start from tomorrow.Wish me luck and remember me in ur precious prayers please :)

once i finish my examz i will be here again with soo many topics and blogs :)

(nd i wish i wont get banned :( god its really hard for me to make new email id and registor EC all over again seriously its my secret wish )

so moderators plz have merci on me :D nd dont ban me I will be back soon :D



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  • May Allah succeed you in your exam! Ameen!

    We will be waiting for your reture with so many ideas
  • anah if u want to know my advise, please arrange one tutor for u r english subject. it will help you a lot and during these periods do some thing for yourself. 

  • It is not a past  time to ban any one  Anah please  do not  make it   as a joke  .  People  who are  banned  and  suspended  are  for t he  good  of   the members of this club.   Which is  why  your able  to enjoy  the benefits   of  what  EC  offers  and you wish  to come back after  your  exams .......

    You will be missed  Anah.  Wish you all success with  your exams  and  be back with us asap.
    Take care of self 

  • Good luck!

  • Dear Anah, I wish you all the best, study hard and we will be here waiting for you ;-) See you, dear :-*
  • It's good you inform other friends about your absence, then they won't be worry.

    Best Wishes.

  • If this leaving is for good, then okay. Wish you all the best.

  • Best of luck, Anah! Real life is always our priority, though sometimes it's suxx. LOL. Anyway, I'm sure when you come back, you'll be welcomed with an open arms. 

  • Good luck Anah. Do well and take care.
  • Take care and good luck!

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