we can think of promoting `world peace` as single most key value to bring in `real` prosperity to not only mankind but also to the entire living being. 

Peace has a power much bigger than violence. No once likes violence except `the rulers`. violence is `man made (or `ruler made` to be specific)  and peace is `natural`. There are many brains carrying great ideas about `how` world peace can be achieved. Some are openly fighting the mighty rulers, some are writing books and poems, some are planning to die for it. Blogs can certainly do it, in much better way. 

Ideas are greatest wealth and bloggers can create this wealth. can we think of this (world peace ideas) on EC?

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  • Perfect. Strongest desire is very productive. we just need to keep patience and keep on sharing and getting into actions from our side where possible. where possible projects can be taken by groups and results can be shared. I am in a process of making such group here for a particular region with focus to achieve better success by 2020. My experience is many people are keen in joining the efforts. there is no publicity..no much talk..only action by people who love `peace`. Will share about it as we achieve small mile stones.

  • right , we can share to build the peace of our world by trying to deliver the true meaning of peace and i'm sure that someday it will be truth.

    nice blog , thanks 

  • Great beginning Hala by way of positive contribution. Lets try our best to work on it. The negative actions like killing, fighting etc are part of `ignorance`about humanity and its benefit and attraction of `power and greed`. This attraction exists at family as well as national and international levels. there are many questions need to be addressed properly. enjoyed your sharing and thank you for it. Keep writing on this subject.

  • "World peace " I read and also write many ideas about peace and I found that since the begining of this world ...killling and fighting have existed ..for power ,authority ,money ...lands ...and of course religions .... . Under the name of God and religions they kill innocent people ....how could it be ???As you said it's man or ruler made .

    We find peace in nature only because peace is natural ...and a dream to most human beings ..

    I hope this idea can be spread to all the people ...and if not at least we try .

    If everyone has his own inner peace then we can witness a better world !

    "You  must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a fe...
    Mahatma  Gandhi "
    Thank you for the meaningful blog .Wish you all the best !


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