Beauty of Pakistan

Beauty of Pakistan



Beauty of Kohsar



I was on vacations and all my cousins visited our home. After dinner, we sat all together. Suddenly one of my cousins Ahmed asked Farhan, ' Where did you go in your last vacations?'

We went to a wonderland by plane from Rawalpindi to Gilgit. After a one-night stay, we left for Hunza. All the views were very marvelous. When we reached Karimabad passing through the Dour, there was a magnificent scene. The most beautiful of the peak of Raka Posh was in front of us.                                 


After approaching Karimabad we were very excited to see the forts of Karletet and Balteet. Hundreds of years old forts were exquisite in the mountains. After viewing forts we left for Khunjerab. There were many glaciers on the way from Gilgit to Khunjerab. 'Psoo' and 'Baltaro' are among the largest glaciers in the world. By staying for a while we reached 'Soosat' we spent the night here. The next morning again we left for Khunjerab. It is the tallest valley in the world. Its height is about 16000 feet. Its view is very wonderful.

The area between, Soosat and Khunjerab is declared the area of a National park. Here wild mountainous animals wander freely and live in natural habitats. Hunting is prohibited here. We returned early because it was freezing and another reason it was very hard to breathe was because of the height.

'And Yousuf you tell hadn't you gone to Kaghan? How is it?' Waqar asked. 'After being shocked and earthquake how are the conditions?' Rizwan questioned.Kaghan Valley is a very pleasant glorious' place. Here are pleasant green valleys, lakes, waterfalls, and falls. We had seen many earthquake-affected places between the route of Balakot and Shogran.

Shogran is an exquisite place. We stayed there, had lunch, and left to reach Naran. It was almost night; we spent a night there, and early in the morning, we left for Lake Saifu-l-Malook.’ Yousuf stopped for a while to take a breath.

'How was the weather?' Rizwan asked. 'Freezing,' Yousuf tremble. 'But Rizwan believe me that how beautiful and peaceful it was! We were not willing to leave, I never went to SaifulMalook, but I have seen 'Kachoora' and Sadpara' lakes.

 ‘In the last vacations.’ Waqar said. 'Where are these?' Rashid asked ‘They are near Skardu and Kachoora lakes. They are small but exquisite lakes. It is very lovely and heart-touching to see geese swimming in the lake's water. We enjoyed very much in the boat but enjoyed most at Sadpara.'

‘Although it is a very dangerous route to Sadpara after reaching this lovely lake, our all fears in the air. There is a little island in the middle of the lake. We enjoyed the ride on the motorboat at Sadpara.’ Ali told that he reached Gitit through Shahar-e-Karakorum from Abitabad.

Uncle and Ahsan also joined. We went to Gilgit by visiting Mansehra, Basham, batten, Chalas, and Jagloot. On this route, there is a place where Himalaya, Hindukush, and Karakorum ranges meet hare In Gilgit, we stayed in a hotel at the bank of the river. On the first day, we reached Maktar through a tough route.

I was afraid but after approaching there; it was a very different scene. Along snowy mountainous peaks, there are skating tracks.

The next morning we went to Kargha. It is a mountainous stream. There we caught Trot fish and grilled and ate. Near Kargha there is an ancient statue of Bodha at the peak of the hill. Since then I have been wondering that who and how sculpted it by climbing up so high on this peak.

'Rizwan how was your trip?' Haroon asked.'Because of poor weather, the plane couldn't take off for two days, the third day we reached Chitral. It was a heart-touching valley among mountainous ranges. Terchmeer and Noshiq are the most famous peaks of it. These peaks were looking exquisite under the shadow of gray clouds.                                   


Till evening we had visited all the places around the hotel. The next morning the weather became more pleasant due to rain. We visited Kalash tribe. This tribe lives in Barira, Bamboryet, and Ramboor valleys. Here women always put on black suits. They put on are well-decorated caps with buttons and beads. We took snaps with their permission and returned to the hotel. Then to Peshawar.’ Now it was Haroon's turn. He said, ' We had gone to Sawat for three days. On the first day, we visited Mangora, Syed Sharif in Swat valley. We also visited Mazmar, where we saw the white palace. Was made of marble, now nobody lives here instead of it; there is a hotel for a stay. The next day we went to Mayadam. Here in summer too, mountains have snow and we can see it. Due to it cool air blows here, at night too. On the third day, we went to Madeen, Behren, and Kalam. How wonderful places are these! Please don't ask... We wanted to visit were the most wonderful skating tracks in Pakistan but our vacations were over. So, we had to return. ‘

After listening to friends’ chats my heart also wants to visit these places. I have seen Kaghan but I will tell my husband to take me Khunjerab is on his next vacation.        



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  • Picturesque and mesmerizing views. Thanks, Believer, for sharing.

    • Thanks for liking and enjoying.

  • And I thought that it never snows in Pakistan.:)

    Amazing country!

    • There is a lot more good about Pakistan and most people around the world don't know.    

  •        Wow, what really a beautiful country is Pakistan. I hope someday I’ll be one of its visitors, thanks for you. God bless you.  

    • I wish you the best of luck for having time to visit beautiful Pakistan. 

  • I'm hoping the trip was not in July - a lot fo snow for July even at high elevations.  Some nice photos of the area.

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