A Sweet Little Love Story!!


We met, we smiled, we laughed, we shared, we cried, we fought, we loved, we struggled and one day we separated, but our hearts never stopped beating for each other. We struggled, we loved, we fought, we shared, we laughed, we smiled, we met; just became the part of our memory and we cried, but all we could do was sacrifice, compromise on our feelings.

P.S; I wrote this story maybe a few years ago, when I came across a movie (I don't remember the name of the movie I'm bad at memorizing the names sorry) in which the  couple shared a good chemistry and because of some misunderstandings they parted from each other; yet they had strong feelings for one another. The compromised on their feelings because of their ego or self-pride.

The story touched me and I tried to reflect what their relationship was with one another.

There is a quote too, which I wrote for the same story;

"Is the silence making us apart; or the misunderstandings taking their part."

Hope you would like it.


Anah Sid!

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  • Sometime this sometime that. Life ain't easy is the reality.
  • Alice, Ali, Egoist, Lara, Onee, Ratu and Estanis!

    Thank you guys for stopping by and admiring my work.


  • How many more do we lose because we could not say what is in our hearts.  How many more tears are shed until we come face to face with the truth.  Tragic!  Thanks for this nice share.

  • very nice story dear. Thanks

  • love or pride , it is hard but all relationship need some sacrifice to continue .

    very touching story dear Anah thank you 

  • So touching, Anah! :) I hope it's not too late and they will be together and unite, never be apart anymore. It's not only about feeling, but also loyalty and sacrifice. :) There is also a story which they were still in love until they had their own grandchildren. Don't you think it's cheating? :D I hope someday, I will not remember the feelings with another in the past story when I have my husband beside me. :))

  • Anah, you can get inspire by everything you see, you feel and you've been through,
    Nice poem...
    Don't be a melancholic writer like me:-D, I'm specialist melancholy love story lol,
    Nice poem, thanks for sharing
  • Misunderstandings, even silence are sometimes unavoidable in a couple (or in a possible future couple) and it's not always a matter of immaturity.
    Who knows where will I be now! :)
  • hahah :D no, Eva dear, I'm not becoming melancholic writer it's already in my veins :P

    Thanks for admiring the quote :D

    I try to write on everything :D and my next target is to write something funny! :D

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