A poem (just tried to write)

Tell her I can’t live without her

Lots of love I have, but can’t tell her


I have burden of sadness,

But do not want to open to her


Can bear the hardship of life,

But your indifference for me is intolerable


Always keep my eyes damp

Doesn’t know how to drop out the tear


How the problem of my love be solved

I am unable to tell, you’re not ready to hear


It punishes me again and again

Want to live, where doesn’t know, how to live there





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  • Hai mishaikh

    I like your poetry, very beautiful

    • Thanks Dewi for such a sweet comment.

  • Hi Mishaikh, love seems to be a battle of two. One loves, the other one lets to be loved. But if both are happy, why not. 

    My personal opinion is that love doesn't have to hurt. It is just as you say in your poem, pushes us again and again, giving us wings to fly. It depends on us...either we like to fly..or to "have a burden of sadness" 

    Thank you for sharing. You know I love your works )) Keep on sharing with us your thoughts.

    • Having comments from a reader loke you O.M. pleases me a lot.

    • The pleasure is all mine, Mishaikh, or better saying reciprocal.

  • Nice poem! I like it.

    • ThanksVelyana. It pleases me.

  • “It isn't what we left behind
    That breaks me
    It's what we could've built
    Had we stayed”
    (― Rupi Kaur, The Sun and Her Flowers)

    The words above, I found by chance.

    I want to underline it by my words:

    "The chances you never took, you will always bewail because you never will know how they would have ended."

    • "Your creator never will take anything from you without replacing it with something better."

      Thanks Rose for very wisely commenting.


    Hi Mishaikh

    Nice poem! I like it.

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