2021-03 : Planner addict


My name is Fizzy and I am a Planner Addict.  (^_^)v

Whoever knew me probably knows that I a massive planner addict.  I even have a Poll here because of it..  hehe... Credit to Mary...   (calling mary... mary...... where are you at? ) 

I don't know what topic should I share here at myEC.   I don't like to write a long blog because I easily distracted.   I am like a kid.. like wording with a picture on it.. hehe 

This year for 2021 -  I probably share with you lots of my planner addict activities.  Hope you will not bored reading my blog. 

I got too many extra time because currently, I am working from home.  

Here goes my February Layout.


I wonder if anyone here is a planner addict. 

Give me a shout if you are (^_^)v



Fizzy @ home thinking.. 



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  • Hello Fizzy ,

    Nice choice! It's bautiful. I was a planner addict. But now, my fingers like typing more often. ^^


    • Hi Onee-chan

      Its has been a while. I hope you are well as always. 

      Cool... i am glad you are one of planner addict too... 


      • Thanks, Fizzy. I'm very well.

        I hope the same for you too. ^^

  • It's a new experience to watch your creativity here, so keep doing like this only will not get bored. Instead of reading long blogs it is better to share our idea.

    • Thank you Sekhar..   Its sure has been a while. 


  • sorry, I accidentally deleted your comment on my blog 🙈🙈. I was still clumsy and unfamiliar with this site. So, let me come over once again here. Thanks for leaving feedback on my modest blog, you're welcome. 💐🌸🌺🌼🌻🌹🌷 more flower to stimulate new inspiration on planner addict. 

    • No problem Peony... i used to make that mistakes too... small matters. 

      Thank you for the flowers  =)

      Here is yours 



  • Hi FIzzy-The-Creative-One. I would add THE MOST creative one ))) Long time you were silent. How it happens if you have so much time and don't pop up here on EC???

    Loved your new artwork ))) Pls, send me one, exquisite )) with your autograph )). (I am pretty serious now). Only please, the price should be moderate, I am not a Rockefeller's daughter ))

    Text to me in PM. )))

    With love. 



    • teehehehe... sorry about the silence.. i don't know what to write on myEC tho... that's why i have been away.. but i am back now.. lol... i will make you bore entirely year... haha.. beware O.M.

      Oh.. it is not an artwork.. really.. its just a bunch of stickers that I put on the planner.. 

      hahah you are joking right.... lol... I would not send you my autograph.. probably some stickers goodies.. hahaha

      • I wasn't joking, Fizzy. Not at all. Your planners (agendas/organizers) are real artworks. You decorate them with love and so many tiny details. ))) I'd really love to have one. 

This reply was deleted.