2021-02 : *wave (^_^)/

HeLLoOOoOOo to EC's friend

How are you?  It's has been a while.  Hope you all are well. 

What's going on lately? 

I saw many new members on EC.  Are friends that I used to know here still around?   

I am still here but few weeks lost in real life.   Life is okay but on alert mode as always. 

I managed to go out due to work from office kinda day.

It's sure a breather.. 


fly high.. sky high... 



have a great day 


take care and stay safe..


Fizzy @ home


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  • Everything is well here.

    Covid-19 makes people more alert. However, there are many wonderful and funny stories, too.

    There must me a good side (thing) when something happen. (Hikmah)

    Have a wonderful day! ^_^

    • That's true.    Hope everything will be okay in the future and we no need to wear Mask. 

  • Good to see you around fizzy! It makes me sad that most of the old members have left MyEC. It feels like everything here is different now. I wish it continued to be remain the same. 

    • Hi Nida.. 

      agreed.. it's different..  sometimes I miss how myEC used to be but there's also cool new member.. no worries.  I hope you will meet a great new friends =D

  • Hi , welcome back! Are you still active in the Anime Group?

    Greetings pal!

    • Thank Student.. I am no longer active there... I will check the group later..

  • It's great to see you here again, Fizzy. 

    I hope everything is going well on your end. 

    • Hi Rose Iris.. 

      Its good to see you too.  

      same goes to you ... hope everything fantastic .


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