~ 2020-03 : I Heart You ~

~ 2020-03 : I Heart You ~


I Heart You...

I don't remember when was last time I said those words;  probably Never.

Due to different upbringings,  I never said those words even among my family members.   I guess, we did show it more toward our caring attitude.   We didn't say those 3 magic words, it always makes me shy. 

so I did an experiment via WhatsApp. 




When was last time you said, "Ï Love You" to someone?  This month?  this week? 


Fizzy @ Home


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  • Yes, sometimes, those three words seem difficult saying with members of the family.

    I love this song.

    Best wishes to you and your family.

    • Thanks, Arrow for stopping by.

      Have a great weekend =)

  • hmmm.. too much saying "I love you, i love you ...."  start to sound as cliché..

    Words which are spoken quietly are more louder.. 


    • right.. it will seems not sincere.. 

      Thank for your comment Ella...


  • Hi, Fizzy. I am the same as you. I rarely say the words. I think General Japanese people don't often say the words. As for expression of love, Asian countries seem to be different from Europe and America.

    • agreed...  European and America have such an open upbringing..   

      fave extreme song... (^_^)d 

      • More like Americans I think.. Actually I don't know about whoole europe, Maybe somewhere in europe people are different.. Like in South. I'm Estonian. I believe I'm also an European, but I don't say such silly things like "I love you", "kisses", hugs"or something like that.. Maybe if I had girlfriend or wife... But some online friend from America have said such phardes to me.. Then I just made my self as unloveable as I could, without becoming too extremely rude.. Maybe girls say those things even here in Estonia too. Otherwise I think only couples say it. I don't know. I don't talk to such people who say such words. I'm a man after all. Probably even at America normal men don't say such words. :D Maybe in southern europe men do? There people seems to have different temper, or smth.


        • maybe some of european.. not all... maybe only at america ..  and maybe its only on TV..  =D

          • Hey... I think there is a difference between this superficial 'Love you'  what some people throw around like nothing, OR telling a really close friend (after years!) or parents/your children/siblings that you love them.
            To tell your children, or your parents/siblings that you love them is in Germany normal nowadays. Well, IF YOU HAVE that loving connection with your family members... Otherwise, of course, not...
            And, yeah, I know men who have that kinda friendship with other men. They know each other since school days, and sometimes they get sentimental... like that day when they become fathers... or after a friend helped the other through a divorce, etc., and they hug, and are very sweet to watch. XD

            Don't make it complicated... if you feel it you can say it. :P

            • lets say in my language then ...  "Saya Sayang Awak"   =D

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