Total Touch - Somebody Else's Lover

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More than a decade ago, I had one of those old tapes, the times when the internet wasn't common. I heard a song coincidentally, and I liked it so much. I had no idea who was singing it and what she was saying. But, I remember the part she repeated a lot (somebody else's lover) and its rhythm. I think it is very distinctive. Now, thanks to the internet I can find anything I want.I am dedicating this old song to my dearest Oldie... ;)..........A correction in the lyrics: I will never dedicate my love to somebody else's lover.

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  • And I'm glad you dedicated it to me! =P

  • I am glad you liked it. (and the song too) =P

  • Hehe.......... I like your reply! But, that doesn't mean I like you too. :D

  • Hmmmm.... The answer is very simple. Bcoz this song is very old for me! :D

  • Hey, I didn't ask you whether you love me or not! I just want to know why did you dedicate it to me? =P

  • I like this song. But, my dedication it to you doesn't mean I like you too! -_-

  • I like the song!

    Wonder why did you dedicate this song to me? =P

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