My Little Girl Song

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This is specially for my lovely little girl "Firdaws"(Arabic: فردوس)(English: Paradise).Sorry for any spelled or written mistake!I beg you to correct for me! ;)

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  • Same for you! Thank you smily :)

  • Ooo baby god protects her

  • Hey noaslpls! Believe me! I am who is lucky to have her.. Mother's feeling when she gets her baby is unbelievable, inexplainable and incomparable to any other feeling in the whole world.

    Plus If I raised her well, my reward will be the paradise. "Heaven is under mothers feet" ;)

    Thanks for comment!

  • You sang from your heart. She's so lucky to have you. :)
  • Hello Robbie! Long time, ha? I hope you're doing great! :D

    Well.. my voice was throaty somehow but not bad, I think! :P

    Thanks for welcoming me.. May God give you a pretty lovely kids in the future too :)

  • She's so adorable, Camelia! Welcome back to MyEC! You sounded really inspired while recording this video. Thank you for sharing! :)

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