'Knock' in Phrasal Verbs

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Need a knockout lesson? This is it. If you've wondered why girls get knocked up, men get knocked out, or Prada bags get knocked off, this phrasal verb will help you out.All rights reserved for Teacher Adam and http://www.engvid.com. This video is being presented for learning purpose.Could you provide a sentence using the above phrasal verbs?My exampleBase on a recent study, a lot of teenage boys knocked up their girlfriends before graduating college.

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  • That's a knockout example, dear Ha! Thank you for leaving a comment, as well as providing an example of the phrasal verb above. It's a nice practice to use new vocabs in a sentence every once in a while.

    Have a great new week! : )

  • Hi Diego!

      Thank you for watching Teacher Adam's video! I'm glad you found it useful, too! Wishing you the best of luck in learning English on our club!



  • its really amazing

  • Hello, Kuntal!

      You're welcome. Bunch of thanks for taking the time to watch and comment on this video. Wishing you fruitful stay on our club!

    See you around,


  • awesome! dude! help me so much!

  • Hi Riziq!

      Welcome to MyEC! That's a nice question you provided below. I think to be good at speaking, we should continue practicing it as much as possible. We should also be exposed in conversational English. MyEC provides different activities to practice speaking. One of which is the Audio Speaking Group where we could share our recording and have it listened or commented by Tara and other advanced members. You can also learn tips here.

      In addition, YouTube provides videos that help us improve our speaking skills. I hope you'll be a great speaker in the future.

    Best of luck!


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