Harvest Challenge: Banana (Saba) Fruit

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In this video, I'll show you how I conquered the challenge of harvesting the clusters of banana fruit in my itsy-bitsy backyard. The tree is around 20 feet. ...

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  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I didn't know, bananas grow SO HIGH! Now I wonder if there is any other way to collect them without cutting a tree. And how many bananas are there in one cluster?

    • Hello, Roman!

      Thanks a lot for commenting! This variety of banana really grows around 20 feet but there are varieties which are smaller and some are for ornamental purposes. I'm afraid there's no other way of harvesting the fruit than cutting the tree down. The tree would eventually die after producing a mature fruit.

      Also, you need to cut down the tree in order for other 'suckers' (baby trees) to grow up since they have rhizomes that's why they are connected with each other . Think of a giant ginger fruit underneath the soil. :)

      With regards to the fruit, it depends how big and healthy the tree is, This variety of banana usually produces eight to ten clusters and each cluster can have a dozen of banana fruit. I'm just curious though if this kind of banana is available in Ukraine though. Have you seen some in your market or grocery store?

      By the way, I appreciate your time watching this video. Have a great weekend ahead!


    • Hi, Robbie!

      No, I just noticed, that your Saba bananas are a little different. They look to me as wide, as some kinds of sunflower seeds :D And some of them have sharp edges. Here in the supermarkets or shops all bananas are different. Almost all the pieces are similar and of the same shape, color, size and appearance. And they are being imported to Ukraine from other countries. And something is tellimg me, that your bananas can tastier.

      Thank you!
      Take care!

  • Oh, Robbie, how I do envy you. 

    Do you know? I also grow a banana plant in my garden, but I never ever will harvest any bananas, because the warm season here in Germany is not long enough. I have to wrap the plant during the winter to protect it from freezing.
    As you can see, it's just a tiny plant.


    • Hello, Rose!

      I couldn't agree more to Glosky! Your banana tree is lovely. She stands out there. And what a diligent and caring plant mother you are! I learned banana trees really hate frost, they wouldn't survive it unless you keep it warm. A BBC radio gardening host also told me that  banana tree in the UK will not bear fruit because of winter and limited sun exposure. It really needs full sun.

      Some gardeners though use it as an ornamental plant such as the ensete banana because of the beautiful maroon foliage. And they keep it in containers so they can transfer it indoors once the winter comes.

      Let's hope that one day your banana tree will bear clusters of edible fruit because of the TLC you provide. Thank you very much for dropping by to watch my video and to share your lovely banana tree. I appreciate it truly!

      Have an enjoyable new week ahead!

      Robbie :)

    • Hello Rose!  Wow. Your banana tree is so cute! 

    • Yes, cute, dear Glosky, but unfortunately without any bananas to harvest.


  • Nice one kabayan! thanks for sharing! :)

    • Thank you so much for watching and for commenting, Glosky! Our country wouldn't be complete without bananas he he. Have a lovely new week ahead! :)


  • WOW! A banana plant in your own garden?? That's the coolest thing ever!! :-DDD I can only harvest tomatos and potatoes... how boring is that??? Thanks for this awesome video, Robbie! :)) 

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