difference between past simple and present perfect tense

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  • Mr. Dara gino, I appreciate to you on the web, to teach us the difference between simple tense and past tense. but your web is very short. so I can'


    master all. thank you

  • Muito obrigado profesor Edjerson!  Eu estou feliz mas there are other guys. Guys who are working day and night. The team of Mr. Smith, lady Nadira, Junko T Mal, Grace, Robbie and add to them, our managing director, and the owner who works behind the scenes. These are the real guys, my respectable teacher. Nevertheless, many thanks! 

  • Thanks for your contribution on the website. You are the guy! Please post more videos. 

  • Shookrun ya Musa aala alidafa. Ahib Alkhartoum wa nassa ataibeen. Thanks for pressing the like button. Can you see The Wedding and give us your point of view? Thanks.
  • Muito obrigado meu amigo! Eu estou feliz. Thanks for your sincere and friendly words. I really appreciate it. Thanks for your nice compliment!

  • Bahut shukriya Precious! Thanks  for pressing the like button! Did you see the blog, eid mubarak?

  • Hi! Gino! You have a big soul, lot of us, as me, was trying to understand what is share and fight for one objective. But, you, you are trying and achieving this and showing to us that it is possible if you want, really want. You do and believe in it! Thank you, really thank you for give me the opportunity to see your good job!

  • Malagiyang pagczging Risty! I really appreciate your encouraging words. Thank you for watching the video. 

  • Sir Dara! I was one of the lucky people who watched this video,I was inspired to do the same.. More power Sir Dara! Kudos!

  • Maraming salamat sa iyo para gustuhin ang akin larawan. Thank you Lady Harmony for pressing the like button. Can you see hajj 2, too?

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