Definite and indefinite articles

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Rules when using determiners -a- ,-an- and -the-

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  • i liked it

  • Thanks! That's really usefull!

  • Dear Mr Gino,                                                                                                                    i,d  like to watch your video but i can,t open them, i don,t know why?I hope you help me that improve my english. kheily mamnoon moaalleme  khoob. 

  • it is a effort for helping anyone to learn english  , thanks for good lesson 

  • Dear Dr,
    I really appreciate the effort and hope this process will continue to help English learners .
  • Dear Mr Gino,

    Again I would like to say that I really really appreciate your helpful and instructive videos. Not only you try to teach grammar so simply that everyone can understand, but also so comprehensively and passionately. I especially liked the part where you talk about using -a- and -an- not only according to the "rules" but according to the sound of the first letter of their proceeding work. Good job sir, keep up recording the nice videos.

  • nice effort sir dara to helping the other member here :)

    maraming salamat po ^_^

  • Beautiful time

  • good video

  • It's excellent idea ....

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