Chris Young - "Don't Close Your Eyes" | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry

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Chris Young performs for the first time with a guitar that belonged to Keith Whitley on the Opry stage with a cover of Whitley's own "Don't Close Your Eyes"....

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  • Thank you, Robbie! :)

    Bang is exactly what I need! :D

  • Maganda mod. Robbie! I could not close my ears and tears to list to the end of the song. Nice one.

  • Hi, Estanis!

    I'm glad you like country music too. There's something about the music, instruments and accents that I'm captivated about. I haven't heard about Chris Young until last year and yet he has recorded a lot of songs since 2009. I understand you do not know him because your era must be of Garth Brooks and Keith Whitley. :) I, on the other hand are from Shania Twain, Blake Shelton and Taylor Swift he he.

    By the way, it's no doubt you look like a wealthy cowboy riding a bull and owning ranches he he. Thank you for the comment!


  • Hi, Olga!

    You're welcome! Country music is not as popular in other countries that is why it has fewer audience around the globe compared to pop or rhythm and blues. But through social media and YouTube, country singers use them to promote their songs. 

    Thank you for watching this video!


  • Thanks again for commenting, Roman! Enjoy your birthday celebration with a bang! :)

  • I looove country music! Maybe I was a cowboy in my previous life hehe... Although didn't know Chris Young. Thank you Robbie!

  • Yes, Robbie, it is different. And sometimes difficult to understand some words.

    But the song is positive and nice!

    Thank you!

    Have an exciting new week! :)

  • Hi, Roman!

    Ha ha. Actually, Chris Young has one of the best voices in country music. His accent is Southern (USA) because he is from Tennessee. If you listen to Southern accents, you would find them interesting and challenging.

    Country music is limited to certain countries mostly from the United States and its songs are not available to other countries such as my country. Thank God to YouTube because I can watch and listen to country music according to my liking since I'm a fan of it. 

    Lately, Chris's music is slowly changing into pop just like Taylor Swift. But nevertheless, his voice is outstanding. Try to watch his old video. It's one of my fave country music videos. Notice his cowboy look, it's a Southern trademark.

    Have a great new week!


  • What a weird voice.

    Is this an accent? I guess, I have heard somewhere this kind of voice before.

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