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Thank you to everyone who voted for EnglishClub as Best Website 2011 in the Macmillan Dictionary Love English Awards. Voting closes at midnight!If you want your friends to join MyEC in 2012, please share this video.

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  • CONGRATULATIONS! My English Club!
    MyEc is part of my life.
  • It (MyEC) is now counted BEST OF THE BEST!

  • Congratulations for English Club, the best for ever...

  • Hello Tara!

    Congratulations!, I love our English club.

  • Congratulations to MyEnglishclub! I'm blessed for being part of this site. Thank you for all the great things that you've taught to us for the past years. Cheers for more ideas and success! : )

  • Great, congratulations!

    Though only about 14% of our members did the voting (the rest were sleeping, haha) we managed to get the second place, 271 votes behind the winner who got 7641. Fantastic!


    English Club-  the  best  and always  will be the best :)

  • Congratulations! This year is ours :)

  • Congratulations!

    I love EC so much. :)

  • this is great News


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