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I must confess my fear for bees... haha. It's true! When I was a Kid I had bad times with these tiny creatures. Nonetheless, I really respect them because I know their invaluable work to preserve balance in nature.So, today while I was taking some pictures of my pots, suddenly a bee came! At first I wanted to scamper, but I don't know how I got a grip of myself...I felt like everything was going fine, so I started to make a video of the bee.I think this was a kind of redemption or maybe a kiss and make up with these beautiful insects of the superfamily Apoidea. :D

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  • Hello Robbie! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and left me a comment, I really appreciate it.

    Marigolds... It's a very good question,but I really don't know, those flowers grew wild in my pot and I decided don't uproot them, instead of that, I took care of them. :) Bees like them, and me too XD

    It's good to know you like butterflies, they're so beautiful.

    Best regards and have a wonderful day. :)

  • Hi, Student!

    Welcome to MyEC! I feel you. I'm more on butterflies than bees because of their reputation of stinging. But they play a great part in the garden so let them do their thing and keep our plants blooming. There's an exception though. I rarely see bumblebees in my place and I would be delighted to capture a video clip on it in my garden! 

    By the way, are those marigold flowers? They looked stunning. It's no wonder the bee got attracted to it. 


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