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Interview with Josef Essberger, founder of TEFL.net - a resource site for teachers of English

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  • A little bit difficult to hear and understand simultaneously, because sound is silent. Would be better if you spoke to a mic dirrectly, or a small mic on the T-shirt like those used in the news programms.
  • Thanks a lots Mr Jossef its a honor to see you :)
  • Amira Ahmed: there are lots of lessons, including listening exercises, on the learning section of EnglishClub at: http://www.englishclub.com/learn-english.htm

    You are right, this video is about EnglishClub.com's sister site TEFL.net, which is for teachers.
  • Dear Mr.Josef,
    Thanks for your invitation.Could you please tell me how I can get useful lessons or information on your club to help me to improve my listening and speaking. By the way I liked what did you say in the interiview but you just concerned on teachers.
This reply was deleted.
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