A Tribute To Martyrs Of Iranian Green Movement

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A tribute to martyrs of Iranian Green Movement, innocent young Iranians who were shot, beaten and killed on streets or in the custody of Revolutionary Guards; for asking the very basics of their civil rights, for peaceful protests asking for their stolen votes!Song= [This is God__Phil Vassar]Edited By= [ Kimia Si ]

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  • thanks forget me not :) thanks :)
  • Hello Kimia,

    Thanks for this moving video. All my prayers go to those brave people who are just fighting for their rights. They are heros !

    Wishing you the best,
  • اشك سبز من و تو موجها خواهد ساخت.... گر چه اغشته به خونيم گر چه الوده به درد ....بغض سبز من و تو نغمه ها خواهد خواند... گرچه در باورشان نيست كه ما شاهد روشن فرداهاييم... سبز مي انديشيم.... حيله ها خواهد سوخت.. قصه ها خواهد ماند
  • :( ;_;i want cry!
  • thanks guys :)
  • thanks
    it was a good video . hasan from iran
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