A New Hobby - Sewing

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http://my.englishclub.com/video/video-challenge-hobbies My response to Robbie's Video Challenge on MyEnglishClub.com.

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  • It's really an amazing hobby, especially for girls and their mothers. I remember my mother used to help my sisters in sewing clothes for their dolls. 

  • Thanks for watching! Please share a picture of your next design, Camelia. I'd love to see the doll clothes that you can make. I'm sure they are very creative.

  • This hobby is really amusing! I remember that I was sewing clothes to my doll and to my little sister dolls when I was 13, 14 or 15 at that time! My mom was always afraid that I harm my eyes and hands because of sewing, but my aunt was always getting surprised on my work and encouraging me!!

    I guess I will follow you my teacher! :D I'll back to sewing also for my little girl ;)

  • What a delightful video, Teacher Tara! Your new hobby is quite a relaxing one, isn't it? I bet your daughter was very pleased to see that her dolls have beautiful dresses to wear, and they all came from your diligent sewing skills. Thank you so much for joining the video challenge! : )

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