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6 tips for dealing with speaking anxiety

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Get Embed Code Scared of speaking English in front of people? Do you get nervous when you have to speak in class, at meetings or even social events? ...

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  • thanks

  • Wow it's a nice thing to know it
  • Thanks, this video is very useful for a presentation in any language, and we can follow these great steps.       :)

  • nice video, :)

  • Thanks Ejaz for sharing this useful video with us.

    It was so helpful.

    Good Luck.

  • this is a good tip emma..thanks for sharing this..its very useful to me as a second language english speaker..

  • Thanks a lot teacher i am facing same types of problem in my routine life

    no i will do my best to remove fear 

    thanks a lot teacher again

  • Thank you for sharing useful tips

  • Thank you to Teacher Emma for coming up a very useful tips about speaking! This would be useful to MyEC learners. I'm glad you shared it, Ejaz! : )

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