5 Green Idioms | Vocabulary Lesson | St Patrick's Day 2017*

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St Patrick's Day blog post: https://goo.gl/FZZGnD Learn British English for free with Lucy! Today we are celebrating St Patrick's day! I teach you 5 really u...

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    • to be green with envy
    • to have a green thumb
    • to be green around the gill
    • to go green
    • to give the green light

    very interesting :) 

  • thank you all idioms are new fo me

  • All idiom is new to me except "Green Light"..

    Thanks alot..^_^

  • I love green, Valentina! 'To be green around the gills' is a new idiom to me. Thank you for sharing this video. And Happy St. Patrick's Day! :)

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