nothing special, just a pure rational thought on the environment

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sorry for baised views... tho, that's a naked truth

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  • wow! never thought the number of viewers would reach 1000!!!

  • thank you, Red Rose

  • wow great muhi :) 4 tumbs for you

  • hi, safaa! i'm pretty good, thanks for concern. Basically, i'm not using this site as often as i used to... but i can give you my skype ID 

    handsome 78boy

  • hi

    how are you

     I would like to talk with you if you have a free time ??

    I can't see you here 

     I hope you are  fine  !

  • Yeah that was what i meant, Luci. A lot of people here on ec didnt get my standpoint... u r one of the few people who got my points. Thanx for yer compliments by the way)))
  • Hello Muhiddin,

    your English is really awesome, I think many people here can envy you your great American accent and m one of them :-D
    Well, as for the topic you chose, I think it is something kinda controversal and as I can see, some "exchange" of the opinions also appeared here. You are right, planet has been here for many many years and it still exists, so it looks like that if any catastrophic scenario happen - like some crash with other planet, it will be still here, no matter how much poluted etc. I just think that this all is about not being selfish, so since we know now what activities harm our planet - we should avoid them just to show the respect for other generations. That´s my point.

  • glad to hear that you got me ? :D

  • yea..i got u..:)  

  • yea i did!!! but u know what, we, homo sapiens, are given a great wisdom of judging things!!! hence, i'm convinced that we have to stop worrying about the so much. of course, there are somethings that we gotta deal with. and there is a need to cope with some problems posed by human activities... but overall meaning of the video is planet is not going anywhere!!!! it is we who are gone away, that's why we have to worry about ourselves, our health, our environment and so on.... but it would be better if we hault saying "planet is gone away due to the harmings done by human beings" .... hope u got me

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