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Two Elephants Meeting

At Safari Prigen, East Java - IndonesiaI was in the car when I took this pic. So, it is blurred by window glass. Didn't have a chance to open it. The sky was also cloudy. :DYou can read more explanation and see more animals in comment. Thank you. ^^
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  • Wow! Onee!!!!!

    That lion on the stones is just amazing!

    Thank you very much for sharing these beautiful picture of animals! :)

  • Looking Kids of elephant?

  • Dear Evangelina,

    Yea, I felt so happy watching them so close. Did you see the other animals in the comments? You know actually I imagine if I can get out of the car...and standing in front of a lion...haha......

    Okay, Eva. I understand. If ever I have a chance to see them again, I will see their eyes. Do you remember that I also saw the eyes of snail. It is so cute. :D

    What?? A blog about this? hihi... Thank you for your idea. ^^ Actually I wrote about cat, but dunno, it doesn't have much progress. :p

    The difference between human and animal is we have both IQ and feeling, while they only have feeling. With those feeling, they speak. I always love to see them. Agree with you, they are fascinating creature.

    Thank you so much for your precious comment. ^_^

  • Dear Adaline, precious, bk, shadow..... 

    Thank you so much for liking this picture. Good day! :)

  • Risty, :))) I was just amazed by the view and amazing animals I don't see everyday.

    Thank you so much for your precious comment and like.  ^_^

  • Onee, how nice of you to show us this.:)

  • The photo quality is not that good, so I shared them here... :D

    Thank you, all.. ^_^

  • Dear friends,

    Have you ever seen camel in the PARK? Here it is... :D

    2643851379?profile=originalAnd I don't know what this is... Probably you know...


  • Dear Kal,

    Agree with you. They look so majestic. I was so happy to see them.

    Thank you so much for your comment, dear. ^_^

  • Grace,

    All the visitors should buy ticket. And actually, there are also minibuses to travel along this dangerous road. But that day, the visitors were too many, so they could use their own car. However, there are some tamer officials there, so it's safe. :D

    Yeah, I like this very much. I wish I could be there again and take a better pic. LOL All along the road, I most of time took a video. :(

    Thanks again for your comment. ^_^

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