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The Clouds Over The House

The clouds over my village neighbour's house at Winder. More pictures with the clouds you can see in this blog:
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  • Thank you Rosemary! :)

    Well... not for me:) That sky and those clouds make me feel more warm:)

    Btw, please read my comment in the last Luci's picture:)

  •      This is beautiful although  it gives a sense of full freeze :)

  • Hi dear sister Kal!

    In the moment of taking this picture I thought almost the same! I think that snow presence is making all the things more mysterious. 

    Thank you very much!:)

  • Hi Evangelina! Hmm... candy floss:) I will remember that nice comparison! 

    Thank you! I am glad that you like it!:)

  • White snow,white clouds,blue sky so wonderful view.

    Remind me a fairy tale.

    Thanks for sharing dear Roman!

  • Yes, agreed - Clouds are always special, they look so soft. Reminds me of candy floss :)

    Beautiful Photo, and amazing color combinations.

  • Hi Estanis! No, it doesnt:) Most houses are built to withstand the weight of snow. So no worries about it:)

  • I guess the roof must support much weight from snow. Does it need to be removed?

  • Hi Onee! Well, not so difficult at all... I think, because my eyes are used to see the snow, unlike yours:)

    Thank you! ^^

  • It's difficult to differentiate the cloud and the roof now. :)) :D :D

    Good shot, Roman. ^^

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