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Text to miscommunicate

Texting is a form of communication that may do more harm, than good. Through simple mistakes and careless words, text communication can get twisted. To avoid these types of situations, personally, I, just need to focus and slow down my fingers, relax and control any single letter and idea/joke I type. Lol.

Let it be my goal of the year)))

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  • Can anyone advise me on good and interesting articles about application development and news blogs about this? I really want to learn about them in order to develop my applications better!

  • Yes exactly, if we talk oral then we know the feeling /intention of that particular person. 

  • The more we live..the less we know )))

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    • Yeah, agree here, Ella, but...on the other hand, if a person you communicate has already read it...there s no much difference if you say or text it ))) Still it might be misunderstood badly ))

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