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My mom. Koyash Lake - a pink masterpiece of Crimea

In the southern part of the Kerch Peninsula, there is fantastically beautiful pond. A salt lake with a mirror-like surface of magical pink color and incredible landscapes of salt icebergs and frozen stones. A sandy strip of land separates the azure sea and the bright pink lake, creating an amazing contrast.

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  • @Rosemery, 



    My dear lovely girls, thank you so much for your warm words. And yeah, our planet is just amazing. There are so many wonderful places to discover....Adventure is out there ))) 

    adventure is out there. by backflippingwarblers on deviantART ...

    • @Rosemary*** (sorry for misspelling)

      •  It's okay dear Olga :) 🌷

  • Nature is the greatest artist. Pictures never can show the full reality but we can imagine it. 

    Fantastic shot, dear Olga. 

  • It's amazing! 

  •    Thanks for sharing  :) 

       When you told me about your country at the chat room  . I went to Google  to know more about it . There is read many interesting information  one of which was the deserts  of salt  . 

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    • Thank you, Ella, for your kind words. I love this place as well. And late in becomes so bright in color...almost red. Just amazing.

  • I like the scene very much. I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Thanks for dropping by, Mr )) The scene indeed reminds extraterrestrial ones.

  • oh wow..  that my dream photo. 

    sky, sea, earth, and love one.

    so beautiful

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