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Special Words For Today#2 : Ice-Cream Box

These words are a gift from my EC brother Arif Saeed, thank you!
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  • had yaaamiiii andd cOooll luchh :)

  • Story behind ice-cream that I have? ;)
    I don't remember at present, as soon as I recall it, I will share with you.
    Since childhood, I love it. Even at this age, I love having it once or twice a week depending upon mood.
    Now I try to observe why I prefer it :)

    Thank you so much my sister, you are so sweet too just like my Ice-cream :D
  • Haha ... You're so sweet, Arif ;-)

    What's the story behind of the ice cream that you have, Arif?
    Would you share with me your story?

    Thank you!

  • I thought a box a day was enough
    Ok now rearrange it
    " care of you is like many ice-cream boxes for me" :)
  • Thanks for your compliment, brother :-)

    You said that you prefer ice-cream box to chocolate bar, Its ok ;-) are you sure just one box? I love to eat more !

  • Most welcomed! My dearest sister
    By having chat with you, it seems as if I am chatting with my real sister.
    thank u for being my sister
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