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Smile on my face ;)

tips for you all my friends:bored, sad or whatever bad feelings you felt ...draw a face with full smile as much as you can,I think It will be effective to reduce of discomfort ... try it !!!
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  • hehehe....
  • thanks! smile brings blessing for us all ;)

  • Good idea dear! actually smiling lengthens our lives and strenghtens our hearts!!
  • hehehe ... yes, keep it up my friend. it will help you stay young lol!
    thanks for the comment, Rosenmaiden

  • Funny self-portrait! The good remedy to become happy!
  • This is the part to motivate myself, Monika. sometimes we need it
    glad to share with you here, thanks

  • Very good idea,Nadiyah!It's a good therapy!
    I will apply it.A nice big smile...
  • hi dear M.Adaway,
    I think it's not important, look at my messages on the beside of this picture ...
    It is important tips for you ... if you are in an emergency, look my tips good working and make you're in smiling ...
    hehehehehe ............. thanks

  • oohh my lovely friend, Atika
    really I am glad to know that this picture makes you smile ... try to draw a face with full smile as much as you can, sure you keep your smile ... thanks for commenting

  • thank you my dear ,today i'm realy nervous and irirtated
    your drawing makes me smile ,even if for a short time .thank you
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