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Sign Language

Kids at this park can even learn sign language!
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  • What a great idea !
  • Hi Tara! great sign. I still remember the sign that I used to learn the sign with my friend when I'm in secondary school. But forgot a few since some of the sign almost the same. such as x and g. Thanks for upload the sign and it refreshes back my mind. ;))
  • Thank you Tara,i always wanted to learn the sign language .
  • Hi Shalva,
    Thanks for stopping by the photo gallery! Yes, these signs are very interesting. I was so surprised to find them in a children's playground.

    Note: the use of "interested" and "interesting" (also "excited" and "exciting") is commonly used incorrectly by English learners.

    The sign is interesting. I am interested. (by the sign)
    The news is exciting. I am excited. (by the news)

    Hope that helps!
  • Wow, it's great sign, tara! can it also be used for adults like me?

    I will learn it, thanks.

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