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This cat looked so pissed off at me for taking her photo that she looked like giving the 'pppfffftt (annoyed)' expression. LOL
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  • Mathyane, all cats are beautiful. :D :D 

  • Your cat is very beautiful ! 

  • AReality, cat's life is so interesting. Eat. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Eat. What not to envy. LOL

  • Barbare, that's not arrogant. It's a factual fact. LOL. :-P :-P. 

    Please, let me know who is that 'someone'. I don't want her to have a competitor. LOL

  • Thank you Barbare. I think she would give you the same face as this one. She just think she's born to be the cutiest. LOL

  • Ameur, she said 'hello back' :D :D

  • Megaparsec, because of that she was being a 'Diva' and gave me that annoyed look. LOL

  • Evangelina, I'm a cat stalker. LOL. I love taking their photos because I think cats always have funny expression on their faces, not forgetting that they are very cute. :D :D

    I'm looking forward for your 'cat photo adventure'. :D :D 

  • Onee-chan, I think she thought I was a senile old lady. LOL :-P :-P

  • hhhh hellooooo :)

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