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Playing on the beach with nephew :)

Parang Tritis Beach, Yogyakarta - Indonesia.One side of view of Indian Ocean.
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  • Thank you, Onee! ^_^

    I hope the Sun will always remember it and bless you with those light rays everyday! :)

  • Actually, we were just being exposed to the sun as it was so sunny and bright day in early morning.

    That's why, I also exposed my hand to the sun... I felt so fresh on my feet but it was so warm to feel the sun altogether. ^^

    Thank you for your reply, Roman. Have a good day!

  • Onee, but you look like waving your right hand to someone in the left side of the picture.

    And your nephew is also turned to that side.

    And thank you for sharing that picture with penguins! :)

  • Hufh, Roman,

    I really miss to see the waves there again. It was so wonderful wave and view. It takes around 10 hours to reach there as I remember.

    Btw, I was just in my pose. :D I didn't wave my hand to anyone. :D Where, who....took the photo of me?

    Oh, you remind me of one moment. Long ago, a group of boys took a photo of me while I was in my pose to be taken a pic by a friend. lol. It is after I rejected to be taken a photo with them. Now I realize how wicked I was. :p (the truth, I was just shy, lol) It was when I went here.

    Thank you for your comment. ^^

  • Hmm...Mr.Mishaikh. In this photo OR now? Okay, I choose now :D 'cos I know it is. ^^

    Thank you for your comment.

  • Hello Ameur, where are you? Hope to see you soon. :)

  • I also want to play in the ocean one day!

    Whom, are you waving your right hand to? :D

    It looks like someone else also was trying to take a photo of you, Onee! :)

  • hmm you look much younger.

  • You welcome dear Onee :)

  • Dear Ameur, thank you so much for the beautiful comment and liking it. I'm glad. ^^

This reply was deleted.