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Photo Challenge: My lovely summer shoes

These awesome sandals went through tough test during this summer as I walked with them a lot during my holiday in Croatia... I have had them for two years and I love them because they are very comfortable, look ellegant (these stones are more shining in reality) and everything you wear fit with them pretty good I guess especially because of their colour :p hope they won't "die" soon and will stay with me as long as possible!
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  • Nice girly shoes!! I wonder if you feel comfortable with them while you're on the uneven road. ^^

    My feet would destroy these kind of shoes in no long time. :D I have high heels, though. ^^

  • Nice sandals and nice picture :)

  • Thank you all guys for liking them and leaving nice comments ;)
  • Yeah, you didn't put any symbol like these :P :D and I thought you were serious :)
  • Hahaha, because of that my second sentence!

  • Oh, I didn't understand that you are kidding :)
  • Elen, I knew it... :)

  • Roman, how curious you are :P They are little things exactly like these green, white and golden things on Luci's shoes. They are like little stones.
  • lovely :P :D

  • Hi Elen! What "colorful things" do you mean? :P Do you mean some crystals or sparkles or tinsels?

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