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Photo Challenge:My Hobby-Origami

Origami is the hobby I’d like to share with you (although I’m just in a primary level in this field ).When I was a child, my mother taught me how to fold a frog (the one on the left side of the photo). I was surprised by the magic power she had to make a piece of paper into anything she wanted. She’s so talented that many hobbies of mine were formed in my childhood with her help.Origami is the one costless and you can do it anytime anywhere you have a piece of paper with you. I’m used to doing it when I wait in a restaurant, train station or at the airport. Many of my works were given to children around and I found it helpful to amuse crying kids. It also makes my life more convenient. Various boxes, gift packs, bookmarks, even a phone kickstand can be made out of a piece of paper without any glue.Those in the photo were made last week. Hope you like it.Thank you, Grace, for the idea of the challenge.
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  • Wow I like your hobby so much. But I'm not patient enough to learn to do it now. I had time making flowers by papers. It is colorful and so excited.
  • Jade, yeah, send me the steps please.

    I only know to make airplane and ship, haha :D

  • Grace!! I’m sorry to say I can’t watch videos from youtube. But my frog can jump too. Haha! Press the tiny triangle in the butt of the frog and let go, then the frog jumps forward! When I was a child, my friends and I had a paper frog jumping contest. I won! How naïve I am! LOL!

    Does your frog look the same as mine?

    There are many origami courses online. If you are interested, I can send them to you. :D

  • Dear Eva! You are back! How I wish I could mail them to you.

    You can imagine what it will be like while there are children crying on the train. If the trick of folding a frog can make them turn tears into smiles, I’d like to do origami all on my way.

    Mostly there’s no need to make them with other tools except your hands. But a scissor is needed sometimes.

    I’m so glad to see you, my dear. Be happy and stay safe. Hugs!!!

  • Thank you for the suggestion, Jade! I just found a video that demonstrates jumping frog. Can your frog jump, too? It's so fun! :D

  • Dear Grace! Thank you so much for your encouraging words!! Top artists in this field are the ones who invents or creates the ways and the steps. That’s the most time-consuming thing. As for me, I just followed them, so that’s why I considered myself as a primary student in this field. Among all the works above, the star-fruit and the hippo took me a few minutes more than the others. But each of them in the photo can be finished in 2-20 minutes. For novices, I’d like to suggest them to start from the animals or boxes in simple and regular forms. The frog is a good choice.

    Dear Risty! How lovely you are! I’m so flattered by your words! Thank you very much for considering all my naive works as art crafts. I do appreciate that.

    Dear Estanis! I’m sure you have superb hobbies, but you’d like to maintain a low profile like others who haven’t participated in the challenge, right?  Thank you so much for your compliment!

    Dear Onee-chan! Glad to know you like it! Origami is like paper architecture, try it if you are interested. Thank you for dropping by, my friend.

    Dear Kal! I like your drawings and your handcrafts as well! You show me what will it be like if one loves life from the bottom of the heart. Thank you for everything!!!

    Dear Adaline! I know there are top origami artists in Britain. I admire them so much. Your words really encourage me to be a better origami fan. Thank you for your compliment! I really appreciate that.

    Dear Luci! I’m so glad to know you like it!!! Origami has its gate open for everyone. You’re modest and I’m sure you are qualified enough to do it. I don’t have any child, but I do know moms have much more patience than they might think. You must be one of them. Try it if you are interested. You may discover another good quality you have, my dear :)

    Dear noaslpls! I’m so happy to see you here. Thank you so much for your compliment. I’m really flattered! I’d like to try my best to keep patient. You words give me a motivation to be a better person. Thank you!!!

    Dear Serene! You have seen my painting! I had it deleted from my page as I thought there were not bright colors. But that’s one of my favorites. Sooo glad to know you like it! Thank you very much!!! Hats of you too, my dear!

    Dear Elf! I’m sure you are talented and you have the artist personality. I can sense that. Thank you for your compliment! I appreciate that.

    Dear Elen! Wow! Thank you, my friend!!! I’m surprised by your sixth sense. The one you like best is a sprout. It’s called “A Promise of Spring”, designed by a famous origami artist in China. That was the winning piece in an original international origami contest. I like it best as well. If you are interested, I can send you the steps. Follow them and make one on your desk :)

    Dear Mary! Thank you!!! I’m so glad to know you like origami! Last week before I made the frog, I thought I forgot the steps as  too many years have passed since the last time I did it. To my surprise, my mind was blank but my fingers remembered every step. Try it, you may find another memory storage system in your body. :D

  • What a nice hobby Jade! ^_^

    Some of these figures look really difficult to make! And how beautiful and cute are the flowers :)
    I wish I could be able to make something else apart from little ships.... I learnt once to make frogs and cranes, but I can't remember now :(

    Thanks for sharing this nice hobby with us!

  • By the way, so nice of you to make origami and give them to kids. It is a touching move :))

  • Wow! Look all these paper things! Jade, this is art :) Your are really good in it. Please share more of your work with us in the future.

    Most of all I like that thing at the right side which looks like flower with base. Actually it reminds me a prize. I would like to have it on my desk in my work :)

  • Wow,
    Owesome... Jade Dear, you are so talented.. It is Amazing.. ^.^
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