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Photo Challenge : Look Up.

I took this photo nearby airport.
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  • @Pearl Harbor Thank you
    @Evangelina Thank you
  • Sky like an ocean!Impressive view
  • Terima kasih Mesgareng! Saya memang ingin teman kamu. Thanks for pressing the like button of my profile!
  • My pleasure Cal.
  • Your capture so wonderful.Appreciate and many thanks for sharing!

  • One-chan, my pleasure, you can save the picture.
  • Thank you Grace, Daragino and Onee-chan. I try to attend the challenge.
  • I take this picture with 8mm lens. Im very close with the plane. Im not photographer, but i love photography
  • Woahhhhhhh.....!!! Keren...., mas broo.... :))

    How could you do that?!!! Really good job!!  May I save this picture in my collection? 

    This is really awesome!  Keep posting picture,  Masgareng.. ^_^

  • Saya setuju dengan mod Grace. I agree with mod Grace. Good shot!
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