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Photo Challenge # 22: Art Project

Hi, friends! As soon as I’ve seen your amazing works of art, I immediately was inspired to join this exciting challenge! Last weekend we visited the forest on one of the Volga islands and my purpose was to collect some natural things to make my work of art. But as soon as we entered the forest, we saw a huge number of mushrooms growing there peacefully. So we rushed to pick them up and then to fry them (just in the forest as we had with us some facilities for it in our motorboat). We were so busy that I practically didn’t have time to create something ( originally I decided to make some work right in the forest). As a result I had only 5 min. to create this “masterpiece”. And I used a stump, some mushrooms, some bulrush and the berries of some bush (don’t know the name of it).It’s one of the supernatural beings of Russian folklore. His name is Leshy or Lesovik. He is a male woodland spirit in Slavic mythology who protects wild animals and forests. He has hair made from living grass and vines. If a person befriends Leshy, the latter will teach them the secrets of magic. Leshy is a terribly mischievous being: he has horrible cry, and can imitate voices of people familiar to wanderers and lure them back to their caves, where the leshies will tickle them to death. However, Leshies aren't always evil: though they enjoy misguiding humans & kidnapping young women, they are also known to keep grazing cattle from wandering too far into his forests and getting lost.To be honest, I completely forgot about the beard, but maybe it’s a baby- leshy, so logically he doesn’t have any beard.Personally I imagine Leshy as a cute being who can teach me magic! Just love people and other creatures and they’ll love you back!Grace, thanks for such exciting photo challenge!

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  • Luci, thanks for liking my artwork. I agree that making it outside was a good idea. As soon as I saw mushroos in the forest, I decided to use them for creating something unusual. You know there’re a lot of different magic beings living in the forest in Russian folklore, so it wasn’t difficult to create one of them.

    Yes, autumn is here. And this period of early autumn is my favourite one. We also call it ‘Indian Summer’. The weather is still fine:it’s warm, sunny and there’s some peace and tranquility in nature. I enjoy to visit forests now and watch colourful leaves on the trees and a bright carpet on the ground! Isn’t it wonderful, Luci!?!!

  • Galina, 

    nice one and it reminded me of sth - autumn is here :-( Actually, on one hand I love autumn for its colors but on the other hand i hate it for its rainy weather. Nice idea btw and i like that it is situated outside!!! 

  • Zahra, this is a very famous magic being of our Russian fairy-tales - Baba Yaga. She's a wicked witch, but sometimes she can be really cute with a good sence of humour!

  • Hi, Zahra!

    WoW! I'm glad you were able to see his magical essense! It means I was successful to express it! Zahra, is his hairstyle really trendy and fashionable?! Oh, yes, of course! He's modern Leshy, Leshy of the 21st century!

    But, Zahra? What does it mean 'devil laughter'  - it seems my Leshy affected you in some evil way through his magic! Be, careful,please, don't look at him for a long time!

     PS:  Zahra, what does it mean 'to share my own tale about Leshy'? Do you mean I have to tell you a story about my meeting with him?!!!! LOL. OK, I hope I'll meet him some day, but, frankly speaking, I'm a bit scared of it. On the other side it's very exciting and challenging! Maybe he'll share the secrets of magic with me...

    Zahra, thanks for your nice comment! I really appreciate it!

    This is Leshy and his friend Kikimora (a female woodland spirit):

  • PS- That's interesting to know about your folklore. Maybe, some time, you could share a tale of yours, about Leshy, with us, ha?

  • Wow! Very natural magical face he, Leshy of the forest, has! His hairstyle implies that he's so trendy and fashionable.

    hahahahaha [devil laughters]


    Thanks dear Galina for the nice art work.



  • Robbie, you're welcome to Russia, Saratov, river Volga! We'll take you everywhere and show you  all interesting places! Now it's the beginning of autumn, so you'll see a lot of colourful leaves and other beautiful things!

    You're right about different natural materials in the forest. There're plenty of them to create any work of art. You just need to have creativity and time!

    As for Leshy, he's a popular character of our Russian fairy-tales. He, maybe, looks like this:


    Thanks for youe nice comment!

  • Hi, Noas!

    Wanna meet our mischievous Leshy? LOL. We've got some more supernatural beings in the Russian folklore. I simply adore all these magic beings! All our fairy-tales are full of them, so I have known them from my childhood. I'm glad it was interesting for you to read about it.


  • Grace, I'm so glad you like my Leshy. Frankly speaking, at first I didn't like the photo very much as I made it very quickly, so I thought it didn't look nice. I was thinking the whole week about uploading the photo or not. But at last I decided that it's not so bad and uploaded it.

    As for the story behind the photo, I like it, too. Maybe it's too long but you're right about killing two birds. I had a good chance to present you one of the characters of our Russian folklore.

  • Thank you to EC, Grace and Junko, for featuring my photo!

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