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My dad is so big and warm!

Sonny and Bux have become true friends. They not only play but also sleep together.
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  • I like the title. :D My dad is so big and warm. :D

  • Aww! So sweet!

  • Hahahahah:) Cool!

  • Dear Roman, cats purr when they feel good. It is their nature. Besides, the vibration frequency of purring is consided to restore their muscle tone after long sleep. Yes, all my cats purr and it sounds like a lullaby especially when it rains outside

  • Very nice picture! But I have just remembered that some cats make a certain sound, when somebody touches them gently, during their sleeping. Sometimes it sounds very funny:) So, do your cats make such a sound?

  • Le chats font peur. I agree with the moderator but I am afraid of cats. Thanks, Mr. Danny for sharing. 

  • They look so sweet! :)

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