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Mr-Night kitten

This kitten was my child, she moved out my home, I taught her many things and I hope she OK now in her new life.
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  • I love this photo,it made me smile, great!!!!!!
  • you're creative, Mr.Night.
    your photo looks magnetize us when you put your name in ;)

  • I'm sorry to heart that, Tara
    Our family has two black cats. it's why I love this kitten. very cute and look her eyes, she expect our love ..:)

  • What a beautiful kitten! In Canada, black cats are not adopted as often as other cats. Sometimes they are put "to sleep" because there are too many of them. I was very sad when I heard this. This kittie looks so loveable.
  • Sooooooooooo sweet and cute and lovely :))))) Wish her good luck in her life!
  • My God NIGHT
    is it really a cat??!!!!!!!
    Allaho Akbar?
    why do u like to choose everything dark??!!!
    Believe it or not if i saw her in the night i wouldnt know what will happen to me Mr. Night...
  • It says MEWO MEWO!! lol
  • like a mystery cat!
  • Oh,how cute little creature!Little sooty!:))
  • Hey my friends :) thanks for the sweet comments,, well, her name is Samara, she is so cute, but now she is grown up.
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