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Waiting for a big gift ...

Waiting for a big gift ...
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  • My dear Lady Anne, 

    No doubt, you're old enough hahaha............

    And no way, I'm still a Queen, my beauty is the same gets a bit "old" kkkkk

  • kkkkk...need time for answer

  • awww, sweet and cute lil girl :)

  • I wish I could afford to buy that big gift! :)

    You are growing into a little lady so fast...Oh no! It means I am growing old so fast, too! :(

    Nevertheless, I can't wait to see you become more beautiful than your mom, kekeke!

  • Mitraaaaan,

    Welcome baaaaaack!!!! Let me remember something that I was wrong before. Do you remember this? . Then........ A mom who has famous 4 kids in English Club has come back. :D :D

    OK, any new tips about 'weight'? Please share with us. :D :D 

    She grows very cute. What a happy mom you're! ^_^

    Good morning, all MyEC friends...  How are you doing? Wish you all pretty well. ^_^ OK, I will shorten my prelude greetings. :D After reading MARY'S…
  • cute baby...god bless her

  •    She has that waiting look on her face for sure  , she must be anticipating a wonderful  gift  . I hope she has got it ;) . Thanks for sharing her candid facial expression with us 

  • Oh my... Baby Sa is now a lady! Your Uncle Robb feels so old now he he. Miss you! 

  • :)

  • Dear Ella

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment. 

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