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house bread

My wife likes to make our bread in the house. She believes that baking in the house is safer. We rarely buy our bread from outside.
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  • Shookrun keteer ya Abdulaleem! It's safer than the ones that are baked outside. Can you visit my page and see my blog, The Wedding? Thanks!

  • Ana kanaarif ya Halima. Shookran bizzaf! Halima, can I be one of your friends? Thanks for your useful tip!   

  • That's true. Baking in the house is very healthy and I like it very much.

  • We do the same
  • Ya Huta ma trawig almanga. Fi gurasa manfookha bishakl da? By the way, Where have you been? thanks again for your comment!

  • Mashkoor ya Huta. Ana kaman zaik. This is bread. it is found in the north west African countries. Thanks Huta for your nice comment!

  • this bread or (gorasa)

  • specially with Tea mixed with milk. most sudanese people they know that very well. thank u dara qino

  • Shookran bizzaf Walid! You deserve more than that, my dear new friend. I hope to be one of your friends.

  • looks like something I might like.. can't you share some with mee lol

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