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So I started playing guitar since my friend left it for me.. And I bought this telescope for the new thing hobby to add, still waiting for a part of it then will post some cool pics if I will be able to set it right..
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  • Onee! I asked for one first! Don't try to jump the queue! >:/

  • I want one telescope, please... :(( :p

    I can only play two songs completely with that guitar, but now I don't have it, too.

    Nice hobby, Muskan. Thank you for sharing. :)

  • Oh, woah... then I'm more curious about the pics you can get like that haha... Plz, share one when you can!

  • Deal, Muskan :D

    And I hope your hands are not trembling? I want to see the clear pictures, not blurred ones:D

  • @Mary there are mounts available for attaching DLSR and webcam (specific for telescope) to take pictures or live streaming but I am going to do the worst possible way you can think of using a phone with my hand and attaching it with eyepiece : ))

  • @Roma Alright if your ears bleed it will not be my fault xD

  • I don't know what is it, but I think yes:D

  • Yeah Roman, I bet you live in Funnyland.

  • MARY! SOmetimes it is good to be clumsy. It is funny! :D

  • Ofc Romanito, you'd be lost without me... Remember your 'clumsy' nature' XD

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