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Eat good, feel good

Eat good, feel good
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  • @ prince, next time try to take picture of whole table :D 

  • LOL @ AG, next time make sure you read my comment first :p, yes I agree with you. :D and after seeing your comment I did realise that I wrote salad instead of pickles I was trying to recall what it is called. :P

  • mmmmm...

  • Thnkew Mishaikh and jessica for your splendid outlook 

  • Yes the food digested easily is good for both stomach and the appetite.  But most of the people can't afford it, even in the developed countries.

  • @SNR,  I swear I didn't read your comment before I posted my comment. it seems that our minds were thinking alike :D 

  • SNR : thnkew for your peculiar remark  ... My culpability not to click the whole area of the table ... please don't be abscure  

  • AG, Randomly snapped and posted it.   Thnkew for your prompt response 

  • Ohhh My Baddd, 

    I forgot those are pickles, not salad -___- 

  • I wonder why you chose to picture the pickles instead of the meat :/ 

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