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Riding is good

Riding bicycle with friends
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  • cool :D

    Lets ride it in the sky high :D

  • Yes Mr.Bob, you are right. Hardi likes bicycles. Unfortunately he have only one bicycle. He don't have much space to store them, or money to buy them... So he have only one all purpose hybrid bike.

    But he would like to have at least 2 bikes.. No better would be 3 more. One for commuting, one for road, and one for winter cycling. No actually even more might be better.. lol

    Angels bike is cool. I think it's a god bike for urban ride. It have drop-bar like a road bike, but I think it have smaller wheels than usual road bike would have, so it takes less space and is good to accelerate.

    ...I'm not sure about efficiency of square profile of it's frame tubes.. I think that's not very good in sense of mechanic. I think it might weight more.. But as in sense of design. It makes the bike to stand out.. So if the weight of such frame, doesn't bother. Then it's a very cool and effective bike in city.. ^_^

  • Hardi is known for his love of bicycles :)

    He even rides in the ice and snow.

  • Thanks!

  • Interesting bicycle.

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