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Do you have a suitable title for this

Please help.. I just don't know how to describe it. 

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  • Kekuatan dalam bentuk. It expresses something, thanks, Mod. Onee for sharing. 

    • Nice title, Teacher Dara.

      Thanks for commenting. 

  • Going  strong though  Dead 

    • Ma'am Nadira,

      Thanks for your meaningful comment. :)

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    • Hello Ella,

      That sounds good.

      Thank you for visiting my gallery.))


    • Hello Adriano,  

      I think don't know how the tree died.))) 

      Thanks a lot for visiting my gallery. 

  • what is the pot used for ?



    • Hello Fizzy, 

      The pot is used for planting a small flower plant. And for your information. This is actually a dead tree, cutted, and moved to another place. So, it stands by moulding, (sands and cement)

      How is it?

      • i see..  if its rain.. the water will flow in the pot.. <-- i dont know how to say in english "tadah air hujan"  hehe 

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