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Cheeky Crow

This a picture of a crow taken in the City of Victoria, Canada
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  • Oh my...such a shot...I wonder how one was able to take it ))) 

    • With a telephoto lens.


      • Wow....good job, really....Impressed

        • Thank you.

  • They're not too fierce but they would like you to think they are especially if their nests are threatened. They have been known to dive at people that they think they are a threat. They fight with the seagulls and they are very smart. They make a lot of noise that sounds like "Caw, caw, caw".
    • You must be ornithologist? You have so many birds' pictures...

      • No, I just like birds.

        • One has to be very concentrated....and apart to find such species. 

          • Crows are fairly common -- this was taken sitting on a fence in a neighbors yard.


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