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I don't like the beaches from my region because the sand looks sad and dirty. But I can't deny there are some beautiful landscapes around. Also, it is said that walking barefoot on the sand is good for your health.
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  • NotAClue, Roman, Daro Gino, thanks for the comments.

  • AG yeah! I've heard that too! People say it can have healing or soothing characteristics. I haven't tried it but I believe in energies, and I think nature have a big influence in the human being, so I think it can be possible. 

  • yeah, someone here before wrote about "earthing or grounding" not in the term of procedure which is used in electricity engineering.. but rather in term of connecting human body to the ground or earth by a direct contact "barefootedly"

  • Yes, not the best beach, but those rocks are cool! It is interesting for the eyes to focus on something except of the endless horizon!

  • Encantador Ishtar! Nice view. Thanks for sharing.

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