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Amazing Iranian musician in Barcelona

His music was so beautiful that i spent more than one hour sitting next to him in the Guell park.
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  • Dear Medhi,
    Thanks for the information, i had no idea of the name of that instrument and i really like the sound of it.
  • Hello Manuela,

    He is playing "Santoor".
    In another picture I saw a man is playing "GHanun".

    But GHanun is played with fingers.
    Santure is mother of piano.
  • OHH thanks Tara for the precious information. I just wrote the opposite of what I wanted to express !!! Funny me !!! Good that i have EC to improve my english level :)
  • Lovely photo! English note: I *think you mean you never stop listening to it (you listen all of the time). If you never stop to listen to it that means you never take the time to listen to it. (you're too busy or distracted)
  • Wooow ,Great I like music and iam sure this one is wonderful.
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