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Reading corner

No cells, no work files, no workmates calling my name... just a good novel allowed here to recharge batteries and restart your mind.  A gin tonic also helps 🍸

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  • i am so envious of the view.  



  • Heeeehhhh.....teaser you are, Estanis. 

    야나두 야나도 나좀 나도줘 아기 베이비 형제 양보 GIF - MeToo IWantIt GIFs

    • Hmm.. you don't know me teasing 😛

  •      This a nice refuge  from the chaotic  sounds of the world . 

          God bless you and your reading corner  🍃

    • ...but chaotic sounds of world always end up swallowing you again 😩     Thank you Rosemary)

  • Perfeto senior Estanis. I like it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Gracias amigo 

  • I would just look at the sea and write my own novel. :D Great place to spent time, Estanis! I haven't seen the sea for... oh, I don't know... 20 years? I'm so NOT JEALOUS. ;-P 
    Enjoy your drink... and don't work too hard! ;-)

    • Same words as Shaeen Nanny )   So you write? the environment might be inspirational so feel free and take a seat. Cheers! 🥂

      • Hahaha, nah, I was just joking! I don't write, I don't think, I don't drink. ;P
        Nobody is going to understand this. :-DDD 

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