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  • hahahahaha  bro @Asif Ali, Zindani and sister Sima ..... Bismillah ir rahman niraheem :)

  • No, no Sister, Your first opinion is right........JINN!


    Tara's Monster, am I right sister?

  • LOL Bro Asif who took the pic ?

    what do you think ?

    the trees :O

  • Wonderful Sister, We are always on same wavelength! :DD

  • @Sima  that mean ( if ) hahahaha, but i have two camera not one, im rich lolz :P janna omg

  • If camera is with you who took this photo :O?

    JINN ?????????????????? 

  • @Piña i live in India and i love nature that name place Madikeri, Karnataka, nice place feeling like relax, no pollutants,yes i'm lucky :)

  • The land where you live have to be wonderful, there's green and plants everywhere.
    You are lucky!
  • thank you so much for nice comment @Asif Ali and @Ahmad Ali Shah :)

  • It isn't photography rather merical:DD
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