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peace be upon for everyone,ramdan kareem iwould like participate  by write about benefits of fas

As result of spread the pollution to the environment and weather changing,our bodies absorb mounts

poisons by air,water,food which accumulated in our bodies making many dangerous deaseses

for example:old age early(senilism) ,cancer,sudden death,after many tests scientist found :

1- the fast strong weapon for treatment the poisons

2-the fast increase the immunity of body

3-the fast treat heart instability

4- the fast main reason for longvity

5-the fast suitable time read and keep quran karrem whereas fast clean cells of brain and make

the centers of memories become active  also energy of body become high

6-best time to leave smoking

7- the fast treatment over weight

8-organize the hormones to get ideal body

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hallo ahmad first thank you for react with my topic secondly ican explain more about this .ithink there are many talents and genius persons in arab state but they have not any real oppourtinity to show their skills and talant also igree with you they need to the envirnoment diffrent from envirnoment to our country but there there glibms and lights this day in our arab state for example eygpt tunisia liyba yemen syria which nations becom more freedom and brave .

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arab spring revolution

from yemen iwelcom all our friends from all the world  iwant know about their opinons about revolutions in arab states  which make rules of this state stepdown from the power and escaped from his country to another  ,our friends in the world specially in english club  are you hear or read about this revolutions

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